Home, Sweet Home

Every life is in many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love, but always meeting ourselves”, James Joyce

Hello there, chaps and chapesses, and a warm, warm welcome!

I could have included here my biography but that would have been super boring. In a nutshell – my name is Maria Ostroukhova, I am an opera singer, born and bred in Russia, working all over the world, I am bilingual and an attention addict.

Here I will be writing about opera and art in general, you will find some reviews, probably makeup tutorials, random thoughts on politics, and posts about other things I’m passionate about: history, crafts, tarot, cooking; there also will be the “Volcanoes for dummies” posts as I nearly became a geologist aeons ago. And, by the way, I will strive to keep this blog bilingual.

“So what’s with the name?!”

Good question. Well, “Rusich” is a Slavic word meaning “A person of the Rus ethnicity”. The term “Wild Rusich” was stolen by yours truly from my own cousin.

It all started in the maginificent city of Venice.

My cousin and his 7 y/o son were dining in a posh restaurant, and the kid was allowed to order anything he fancied. Of course, he ordered black caviar, and of course he hated it, and OF COURSE he spat it out in front of the terrified audience. And my cousin, judging by the looks of the connoisseurs staring at hundreds of Euros regurgitated in broad daylight, assumed that the victims of my nephew’s eccentric behaviour, considered them both “Wild Rusichs”.

I believe it was a fair assumption.

So how does one stay a highly sophisticated, elitist and snobbish opera singer (SARCASM ALERT) whilst being a Wild Rusich at heart?

That reminds me of Colette Tatou, a character from one of my favourite animation movies, “Ratatouille”: So you see, we are artist, pirate. More than cooks are we.

This is so true. Most of my colleagues are just that: wild hearts with quirky tastes, unusual passions, and diverse backgrounds sprinkled with a touch of insanity eccentricity: “More than singing heads are we”

Kudos to you if you made it this far (I am seriously impressed), and let’s get WILD!